Unlock sustainable success and thrive without burnout:

Transform your mindset from Survival to Growth

If you started your career with big dreams of success, only to face burnout, anxiety, and the overwhelming feeling that you're going around in circles...you're in the right place.

Are you pushing yourself to the limit, striving for more, yet constantly battling burnout, anxiety, and depression?


Have you devoured countless personal development books and articles, only to let the wisdom languish unused because you're unsure of where to start or how to continue?

Do you believe that your external reality is beyond your control, leaving you resigned to the status quo?

Perhaps you see mindset as an intangible, unmeasurable concept, unaware that you possess the power to develop mental, emotional, and behavioral habits that can enable you to consistently operate from a growth perspective.

Because you're exceptionally intelligent, you believe that you have to figure it all out by yourself but in fact, keep end up going round and round the same circles.

Imagine a life where you effortlessly operate from a growth mindset, creating the career, business, and life you've always desired.

While most of us default to a survival mindset, it's the persistent obstacles to health, high performance, and happiness that are heavily influenced by our mindset.

Shockingly, up to 66% of professionals find themselves stuck in survival mode, with only 34% embracing growth.

Don't be one of them! 

Consultants, both independent and corporate, often make five critical mistakes while pursuing their career, business, and life goals:

  1. Pushing too hard. Relentless striving without a mindset upgrade leads to burnout, anxiety, and depression.
  2. Knowledge over action. Consuming personal development content but failing to apply it due to uncertainty on where to start.
  3. External control belief. Believing they have limited control over their external reality, resigning themselves to little change.
  4. Elusive mindset misconception. Viewing mindset as intangible and unmeasurable, unaware of the potential for consistent growth through mental, emotional, and behavioural habits.
  5. Solo problem-solving: Smart individuals often try to tackle it all alone, perpetually circling the same patterns.

But not you. 

You're wiser than that.

The research is crystal clear


People with a growth mindset enjoy significantly higher levels of resilience, well-being, collaboration, learning agility, performance, and emotional intelligence.

Why is this crucial?

Because the environment you foster has a profound impact on the psychological safety of those around you.

Over two decades of research consistently show that a climate of psychological safety, rooted in growth rather than survival, leads to improved error reporting, enhanced quality, higher engagement, and superior performance.

In fact, Google's 2016 Project Aristotle revealed that psychological safety is the single most crucial factor distinguishing high-performing teams from less successful ones.

Furthermore, when compared to individuals in organisations with low trust (Survival Climate), those in high-trust (Growth Climate) environments report:

  • 74% less stress.
  • 106% more energy at work.
  • 50% higher productivity.
  • 13% fewer sick days.
  • 76% higher engagement.
  • 29% greater life satisfaction.
  • 40% less burnout.

Now, more than ever, we need leaders in both work and life who possess the awareness and ability to cultivate an environment that promotes well-being, resilience, collaboration, agility, and high performance.

Just imagine the possibilities if you consistently embraced a growth mindset.

Unlock your inner potential with our coach-led mindset development program


Are you ready to reprogram your mindset, master your emotions, and enhance your personal and interpersonal effectiveness?

Mindset to Growth is a coach-led program designed to help you create lasting change by shifting from a survival mindset to a growth mindset.

Join a small remote cohort of participants and embark on a transformational journey.

Mindset to Growth, created by the Mindset Practice, is an award-winning program trusted by major corporations like McDonald's, Thales, Virgin, Pinsent Masons, Turner & Townsend, and BDO, that equips you with practical tools to thrive in today's complex world.

In just three months, you'll gain control over your survival habits, increase your frequency of operating from a growth mindset, harness the power of your emotions as valuable data for decision-making, and elevate your personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

Unlock your true potential and experience transformative change like never before through inner mastery.


When you join, you will experience


6 Hours of self-paced, experiential digital learning. Dive into 5 modules that equip you with the essential tools to shift away from survival mode and consistently operate from a growth mindset.

Integrated personalised feedback. Discover your current mindset habits through our online diagnostic tool, the Growth Indicator assessment, with the opportunity to retake it upon completion to measure your progress.

Three 2-Hour coach-led remote mindset accelerator sessions. Join these sessions, held every 3 weeks, led by an experienced Leadership Development Coach specialising in professional services consultants. Share successes, tackle potential obstacles, and bolster your accountability.

12 months of access to a comprehensive development platform. Explore Growth Trackers and utilise the FABB for 66 Days habit change tool to sustain and expand your learning.

A supportive community. Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey. Join an online group to ask questions between sessions, share insights, and buddy up with fellow participants to accelerate your transformation!


"I learnt how to stay positive in times of work pressures and turn what might be a negative into a positive. I also learnt more about me and what my colleagues might perceive about me, which allowed me to put clear actions into place.  Having attended the course with a fellow colleague we have been able to implement a growth mind-set, focusing our energies and discussion on growth rather than survival. The tools that are on offer after the course are excellent and have been put into use already.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your help and support through this course. I will continue to work hard and make a conscious effort to adopt more growth habits in the future. I really enjoyed pausing and reflecting, as it has helped me be more in tune with my feelings and emotions, so I certainly intend to continue this as well as focusing more on being present, both with my mind and body.”

“I loved the simplicity of mindset to Growth and how you can put into practice the key learns quite easily and make some smaller changes which actually make big changes to yourself and others.

I also like how the course was split into separate days, how we were asked to get connected with others. I really enjoyed the website as well and having access to this will be excellent so we can continue our journey.”

By the end of Mindset to Growth...


...you will experience a profound shift in your mindset and your life.

Here's a glimpse of where you'll be:

A consistent growth mindset. You'll have the tools and practices to consistently operate from a growth mindset, enabling you to approach challenges and opportunities with resilience and innovation.

Emotional mastery. You'll not only understand your emotions but also use them as valuable data to inform your decisions. No more burnout – you'll manage your emotions effectively.

Unshakeable self-belief. You'll build unshakable confidence in yourself, allowing you to pursue your goals and dreams with unwavering determination.

Response, not reaction. You'll shift from reacting impulsively to responding thoughtfully to life's circumstances, enhancing your decision-making and relationships.

Heightened productivity. You'll become more productive, agile, and empowered, leading to enhanced personal and professional performance.

Inclusivity. You'll foster an inclusive environment, creating a climate of openness, accountability, and psychological safety within your team or organisation.

Imagine the impact of this transformation on your career, your relationships, and your overall wellbeing.

Join us on this journey, and by the end of the program, you'll be equipped to thrive in a complex world with a growth mindset at your core.

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Aleksandra Atman 


As one of Mindset Practice’s licensed practitioners and associates I have had the joy of delivering this programme in a number of private and public sector organisations, including BDO, Thales, Frontier Economics, Turner & Townsend, McDonalds, JNCC to name just a few and I love its simplicity and power.

I'm a certified Transformational Growth Coach, Psychologist, NLP & Psych-K Practitioner, and intuitive. My sole focus is to empower you to take charge of your destiny and unlock your true potential.

With a solid background in psychology and specialised training in mindset coaching modalities, I possess the essential skills to safely guide your journey to transformation, including working with your subconcious.

But that's not all – I bring over 15 years of corporate leadership experience from renowned firms like Deloitte. As a leadership coach and former professional marketer, I have honed transferable skills to help you achieve your goals with greater efficacy.

I firmly believe that success is not just about reaching external milestones but finding fulfilment and happiness along the way. My expertise and insights will infuse you with self-confidence and resilience, enabling you to navigate obstacles with grace.

Delving into the realm of emotions and mindset, I assist you in identifying and dismantling limiting beliefs that may hinder your progress. Through my coaching, you'll achieve not only clarity on your goals but also the development of sustained performance habits that lead to long-term success.

 This is for you if…


You're ready to transform your survival patterns. You're committed to breaking free from survival mode and embracing a growth mindset consistently.

You desire a future on your terms. You recognise that survival patterns often hold you back from creating the future you envision.

  You've explored personal development. You've dabbled in personal development and mindset work but found it challenging to sustain.

 You seek emotional regulation. You want to harness your emotions effectively to prevent burnout.

 You aspire to boost self-belief. You aim to build self-confidence and self-belief.

  You strive for response, not reaction. You wish to respond to life's challenges rather than react impulsively.

  You crave productivity, resilience, agility, empowerment, and inclusivity. You're eager to enhance these crucial aspects of your personal and professional life.

Join us on a journey of growth, resilience, and empowerment.

Before I started working with Aleksandra, my biggest fear was to not “be enough”, to not do enough at work. It concerned my professional life mostly, and also impacted my private life. This fear based thinking was very much integrated in my behaviour. I doubted that I could achieve the goals I had set for myself, and the ones my manager would set for me. And even when I reached those goals, it was difficult for me to recognize that I was successful. Today I am thinking much more with a growth mindset than a fear mindset. I don’t see the obstacles I used to see in front of me. I feel more self-confident and self-aware. The way I look at life has changed, with less doubts”

“Aleksandra really helped me to grow as a professional and leader. She showed me what a growth mindset looks like and challenged behaviours that weren’t serving me or my team. As a result, I have become a better leader and manager. I now encourage the whole team to adopt growth mindset and we’ve become much more productive and resilient as a result”

“I am absolutely in a position of strength, over the past few months I have been totally frank and honest in terms of personal and professional wants and needs. I have clarity on where I want to be and what I need to do to get there, I have a clear understanding of what makes me happy, what gives me energy. I’ve never felt more in control of myself and never felt more successful. I honestly can say that I have never felt more happy and fulfilled.“

Ready for Mindset to Growth? 


Here's a recap of what you get inside:

  • 6 Hours of Self-Paced, Experiential Digital Learning

  •  Integrated Personalised Feedback

  •  Three 2-Hour Coach-Led Remote Mindset Accelerator Sessions

  •  12 Months of Access to a Comprehensive Development Platform

  •  A Supportive Community 

Session dates: 

Cohort 2/2024 - 6 Places Available

Welcome & Introduction - Friday 5 April 2024, 9.30-11.30 

Mindset Accelerator 1 - Friday 19 April 2024, 9.30-11.30

Mindset Accelerator 2 - Friday 3 May 2024, 9.30-11.30


£699 (inc VAT)

Join Mindset To Growth Now

Why Invest Now?

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Survival fuels survival"? It means that unless we take charge of our survival patterns, they will continue to expand, affecting not only us but also those around us in negative ways.

You've likely considered this for a while. You've probably contemplated addressing your mindset for some time. And let's be honest, you might have tried various approaches by now.

Can you afford to wait? Now, ask yourself, "Can I afford to wait?" Picture yourself one year from today, and everything remains unchanged. Can you genuinely afford that? Think about what you could achieve if you consistently operated from a growth mindset.

What's it worth to you? Consider the value of this transformation in your life. How much is it worth to you? The benefits of embracing a growth mindset are immeasurable.

Here's the truth – the best time to start is right now.  Seize this opportunity to unlock your potential and create a better future for yourself and those around you.

Join Mindset To Growth Now