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Welcome to The Atman Practice. I'm Aleksandra Atman, your guide to transformative career success.

As a certified Transformational Growth Coach, Psychologist, and NLP & Psych-K Practitioner, my mission is to empower you to master your professional journey.

With over 15 years of corporate leadership experience at top firms like Deloitte and a deep background in psychology, I specialise in addressing the subconscious patterns that hold you back.

My approach combines robust psychological strategies with practical leadership coaching to help you overcome imposter syndrome and the undervaluing of your capabilities.

Many professionals struggle silently with self-doubt, feeling unheard, and a persistent uncertainty about what they truly want.

This often leads to a cycle of resentment, frustration and disconnection from their professional and personal lives.

Together, we'll break this cycle.

Using my Self-Leadership Framework, we focus on cultivating self-belief, resilience, and a strategic mindset to enhance your performance and satisfaction.

We'll transform your approach to work and life, setting the stage for you to achieve the success you envision on your terms.

Are you ready to take control and create the career you deserve?

Let's make it happen.

Are you stuck in a career that no longer satisfies you, feeling overwhelmed by unfulfilled aspirations?

Despite exploring numerous self-help resources, you might find that real, lasting change remains elusive.

Often, this cycle of dissatisfaction is fueled by a critical inner voice that leads to self-doubt, reactive behavior, and avoidance of conflict.

You may feel disconnected from your emotions, prone to blaming external factors, and trapped within the limits of your comfort zone.

This not only diminishes your professional joy but also heightens the risk of burnout.

Perhaps you have a vision for your future but are unsure of the steps to achieve it.

The path forward may seem unclear, but you are not alone in this journey.

It's time to shift direction and take decisive action towards reclaiming your career and personal satisfaction.

Let's redefine success together and unlock your true potential.

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By working with me, you'll unlock a myriad of changes to your career. 

With my guidance, you will:

✔️ Achieve self-awareness and clarity about your career path, so that you can make informed decisions that align with your true aspirations.

✔️ Develop effective strategies and skills for leadership and self-management, so that you can lead more effectively and inspire others.

✔️ Transform self-sabotaging thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, so that you can live a more fulfilled and stress-free life.

✔️ Reconnect with your authentic self and confidently set boundaries, so that you can maintain your well-being and respect in all aspects of life.

✔️ Articulate your desires clearly and act on them decisively, so that you can achieve your goals with confidence and precision.

✔️ Enhance your decision-making by understanding and utilising your emotions, so that you can respond to challenges with insight and empathy.

✔️ Cultivate curiosity, adaptability, compassion, assertiveness, and proactivity, so that you can handle any situation with agility and maintain positive relationships.

✔️ Thrive outside your comfort zone and find joy in new challenges, so that personal growth and career advancement become continuous.

✔️ Improve team management and collaboration skills, so that you can foster a productive and harmonious work environment.

✔️ Increase your earning potential by confidently negotiating for what you deserve, so that your financial rewards match your professional contributions.

Choosing not to take this journey could mean continuing to feel lost, disempowered, and unfulfilled, so that the risk of burnout and stagnation becomes inevitable.

Don’t let potential go unrealised.

At the core of my offers sits my Self-Leadership Framework

This framework is a practical roadmap which equips you with insights, mindset and strategies that will transform the way you lead yourself so that you can create your desired future.

For better or worse, you bring Self to every important and relational situation you encounter at work and in life.

This interaction impacts and is determined by your Mindset, how you see the situation and choices available to you, which drives your Action - leading to positive, negative or neutral outcome.

After the situation, the key is to spend time in Reflection that accelerates continuous growth and greater self-awareness.

This model enables you to reflect on your behaviour in an informed way, identify what thoughts, emotions or behaviours might be solving or contributing to the problem, and then making appropriate changes to how you choose to show up.

You can assess how well you are demonstrating Self-Leadership by checking-in on whether your actions and values are aligned and if they are helping you progress towards your long-term goals. You can also take Self-Leadership Assessment to understand your position.


SELF AWARENESS: Get to understand that unique you that has evolved based on your values, personality traits, most inherent skills and abilities, beliefs and habits. Embody the value you provide and get to see who you need to be in order to ask for what you want.

MINDSET: Develop awareness of how your beliefs and emotions impact your view of important and complex situations. Reprogram your belief system and master your emotions to move from Survival to Growth – increase your personal and interpersonal effectiveness and enable sustained performance, resilience, agility, collaboration, and wellbeing.

ACTION: Set your goals, vision and strategy. Become intentional and accountable, towards yourself and others. Learn advanced personal and interpersonal skills and tools for effective self-leadership.

REFLECTION: Continuously evaluate your thoughts, behaviours, attitude and communication to gain insight and continue leading yourself from a place of joy and alignment.

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  • Values
  • Strengths + Unique Genius
  • Behavioural Preferences


  • Mindset Reprogramming
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Growth Instead of Survival


  • Intention
  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Skills


  • Self-reflection
  • Insights

Imagine a future where you are in charge, where you self-lead, where you feel confident, and where your goals are within reach.

All this is available to you. 

It's time to step into your power and take inspired action. 

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“I now feel that I have agency over the direction of my career (rather than feel that it is dependent on approval from others). In particular I understand that I already had the power to achieve my goals, but need to be prepared to get out of my comfort zone and be proactive to achieve what I want.  Over the past few months I have raised my profile significantly internally, joined a key decision-making Committee, am expanding my internal and external network and am planning for a future that inspires me and is true to my authentic self.  I am genuinely excited about my future now. “

Ananymous,Then Senior Manager - Now Partner, City Law Firm

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 “Before I started working with Aleksandra, my biggest fear was to not “be enough”, to not do enough at work. It concerned my professional life mostly, and also impacted my private life. This fear based thinking was very much integrated in my behaviour. I doubted that I could achieve the goals I had set for myself, and the ones my manager would set for me. And even when I reached those goals, it was difficult for me to recognize that I was successful. Today I am thinking much more with a growth mindset than a fear mindset. I don’t see the obstacles I used to see in front of me. I feel more self-confident and self-aware. The way I look at life has changed, with less doubts”

Johanna Burgos, Senior Manager, Hello Fresh

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“I am absolutely in a position of strength, over the past few months I have been totally frank and honest in terms of personal and professional wants and needs. I have clarity on where I want to be and what I need to do to get there, I have a clear understanding of what makes me happy, what gives me energy. I’ve never felt more in control of myself and never felt more successful. I honestly can say that I have never felt more happy and fulfilled.“

Jen Wright, then Senior Manager, now Director, Deloitte

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“Aleksandra really helped me to grow as a professional and leader. She showed me what a growth mindset looks like and challenged behaviours that weren’t serving me or my team. As a result, I have become a better leader and manager. I now encourage the whole team to adopt growth mindset and we’ve become much more productive and resilient as a result”

Sakina Chenot, then – Senior Manager, now – DirectorHFW

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“I was trying to do too much, undervaluing myself and unclear on my path, I nearly gave up. Now, my business is thriving. With a thousand different nudges and realisations Aleksandra helped me and my business to flourish and thrive.”

Vickie Rogerson, MD, North PR

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“I started working with Aleksandra to support me in defining who I wanted to be as a business owner. Aleksandra helped me transform what had felt like ‘luck’ into intentional, sustainable and strategic business success.”

Elizabeth Lichten, Interim Marketing Director, Pink Mingo


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Career Catalyst Program

Are you ready to overcome obstacles and step into a future defined by success and fulfillment?

Our Career Catalyst Program helps you address the root causes of self-sabotage, enabling you to adopt a higher-level identity and enjoy a calmer and more balanced life.

Gain clear, actionable insights in just two weeks, and start building resilience, confidence, and authenticity. Ideal for both independent business owners and in-house consultants, this program equips you to craft the future you've always envisioned. Embrace confidence and clarity, achieving success on your terms.

Prices start at £4,000

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Self Leadership Academy

Our holistic, transformational coaching program is tailored specifically for professionals in the services industry, perfect for those ready for significant change.

This program is designed for in-house and independent consultants, including current and aspiring leaders, who want to achieve sustainable performance and define their own success. 

Prices start at £330

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Mindset to Growth

Join our transformative group program to shift from a survival to a growth mindset.

Suitable for all professional levels, from new graduates to seasoned leaders, this program uses experiential learning and feedback to foster significant personal and professional development.

Engage with a supportive community and unlock your full potential in just six months.

Investment: £699

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Self Leadership Scorecard

Are you merely coping in your professional life, or are you thriving as a leader?

Our Self Leadership Scorecard is tailored to help you assess your current leadership style and self-management effectiveness.

This tool will illuminate your path towards Self-Leadership, guiding you toward achieving Aligned Success. Take the first step in transforming how you lead both yourself and others.

Download for free

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“I loved the simplicity of Mindset to Growth and how you can put into practice the key learns quite easily and make some smaller changes which actually make big changes to yourself and others. I also like how the course was split into separate days, how we were asked to get connected with others. I really enjoyed the materials as well and having access to this will be excellent so we can continue our journey.”

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“I can’t thank you enough for your help and support through this course. I will continue to work hard and make a conscious effort to adopt more growth habits in the future. I really enjoyed pausing and reflecting, as it has helped me be more in tune with my feelings and emotions, so I certainly intend to continue this as well as focusing more on being present, both with my mind and body.”